• Sell Without a Broker!
  • Pay 1/2 to No Real Estate Commissions!
  • Save Thousands $$$

Flat Fee Listing in Maine

Maine homes for sale

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ListMaine.com is the ONLY Maine Based Flat Fee Listing Service.

ListMaine.com is the perfect solution for anyone in Maine looking to sell their own home and SAVE thousands in broker fees using our Flat Fee Listing in Maine.

The traditional way to sell your home was to hire a real estate agent, sign a contract with the agent’s company, and once the home was sold the agent collects a percentage of the sale – as much as 6% -- on a $200,000 sale that amounts to $12,000. In today’s housing market doesn’t it make sense to keep as much as possible from the sale of your home – that's why we recommend using our Flat Fee Listing Service.

Using the ListMaine.com website a you can offer your property as a “For Sale By Owner” option that also saves the buyer and the seller lots of money.

With ListMaine.com it is entirely possible to list your home for sale in Maine and keep 100% of the selling price – doesn’t that make more sense.

Flat Fee Listing works!

  • We LIST your property on the MLS for a FLAT FEE! You eliminate the Listing Broker Commission!
  • You ONLY pay a Selling Broker commission if they find you a BUYER!
  • If you find your OWN BUYER, you pay NO COMMISSION!

How ListMaine.com Is Different From Other Flat Fee Real Estate Listing Sites!

ListMaine.com is more than just a directory that lists homes for sale by owner in Maine, we provide you with the resources you need when it comes to selling your home or property. Our Sellers Toolbox available on the ListMaine.com website gives you the Required Selling Forms, Home Selling Tips, and the MLS Rules and Regulations – all designed to make selling your home in Maine as easy as possible.

ListMaine.com provides you with the most powerful tools to sell your home. By combining your listing on both our website and MLS (Multiple Listing Services) your home or property will get the highest visibility possible.

ListMaine.com (also) is owned and operated by Royce Watson, a Maine Licensed Real Estate Broker and owner of Maine's Listing Solution. Royce, who not only is a real estate broker but also an investor, recognized that he could offer people a way to sell their homes or properties in Maine and save them money in the process. So with that goal in mind he developed a way to help people save money and to easily connect buyers and sellers on a Flat Fee Listing website, ListMaine.com was born.

As a licensed real estate broker in Maine, Royce is able use the MLS (Multiple Listing Service) listings to give those who have their properties listed with ListMaine.com the highest visibility and greatest exposure possible. With your home also listed on ListMaine.com and MLS, your property will be seen by thousands of people, increasing the possibility of your being able to sell your home – it’s never been easier or more affordable.

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