Why use the MLS to List my Home?

Because this is where most buyers look for homes! According to the National Association of Realtors, “For Sale by Owners” accounted for only 9% of homes sold in 2010. The majority of homes for sale are those that are listed on the MLS. The MLS is the main source for listings and will bring you maximum exposure!

Why use a FLAT FEE Listing Service?

The answer to this question is quite simple. To save money! Instead of paying a broker a commission to list your home we list your home on the MLS for a flat fee. By saving thousands of dollars on commissions you are able to offer a better price for your home and put more money in YOUR pocket.

Is Your Company Licensed?

Yes. Maine’s Listing Solution, LLC is licensed by the State of Maine as a Real Estate Brokerage Agency.

What Services Do You Offer?

We offer you a MLS listing ONLY. We do not assist or represent you during the transaction. We cannot help you price your home, offer advice about advertising, assist you in negotiations, or anything else related to your sale.

Is a FLAT FEE Service for Me?

Are you comfortable with and understand the home selling process? Do you have time to gather your property information, take pictures of your home and fill out a few forms? Are you comfortable negotiating the sale of your home without a broker? Are you willing to field inquires about your home and answer questions from prospective buyers? Are you comfortable selling your home without a broker representing you? If you answered YES to these questions this service maybe for you. If you do not feel comfortable selling on your own, we recommend you hire a full-service broker.

Do I Have to Work with a Selling Broker?

Yes. Since your property is listed on the MLS you must cooperate with and offer compensation to selling brokers.

What Can I Offer for a Selling Broker Commission?

We require a 2% minimum Seller Broker commission, but you can choose to offer a higher commission.

Can I Find My Own Buyer?

Yes. If you find your own buyers you do not have to pay a Real Estate Commission!

How Do Buyers/Brokers Contact Me?

When brokers see your home listed on the MLS, they see your contact information on brokers section of the MLS listing and will call you to set up a showing. If a buyer is just looking on their own, without a broker, they will see your listing on Realtor.com, Mainelisitings.com and other sites. These buyers will be directed to our website where they can locate your contact information.

How Do Brokers/Buyers See my Home?

Brokers and Buyers will call you to set-up showings. You can choose to be present for showings or allow brokers or buyers to view on their own. This decision depends on your comfort level. If you will not have time to show your home often, you may want to place a lock-box on your door. When a Broker calls to set-up a showing you simply tell them the lock box combination and they can access your home. The use of lock boxes is customary among brokers and they are familiar with the process. We do not recommend that you allow buyers without a broker into your home without first meeting them.

Can I Advertise on My Own?

Yes you can! In addition to your MLS listing you can place an ad in the newspaper, put out flyers, place ads on-line, ect. You can also conduct open houses. Your ads MUST include your contact information and MUST match your MLS listing (Sale Price, Lot size, Number of Bedrooms, ect). The more you advertise the better chances you have of locating a buyer.

What About For Sale Signs?

We do not provide you with a for sale sign, but encourage you to place one on your property. It’s an easy and affordable way to advertise that your home is for sale.

What If I Have Questions About the Sale?

If during your selling process you have questions about your property information we encourage you to contact your town officials or a home inspector/contractor. If you have questions regarding sale contracts, negotiations, or any other legal questions you should contact an attorney.

How Do I Know What My House Is worth?

Pricing your home correctly is a very important piece of selling your home. As mentioned, we cannot assist you in determining your homes market value. If you are unsure about your homes value you can hire an appraiser or research town records to see what other homes are selling for in your area.

Can I Make Changes to My Listing?

Yes. During your listing period you can change the price, property description, pictures, commission offered, ect. You will find these specific forms on the “Change your Listing” section of the webpage.

What Do I Do When I Accept an Offer?

Once you have accepted an Offer you must notify us your home is under contract by filling out and returning the “Under Contract” form found in the “Change your Listing” section of the webpage. You must notify us within (1) day.

Can I Cancel My Listing?

Yes. You can cancel your listing at any time by sending us the listing termination form provided in the “Listing Changes“ sections of our website, unless your home is under contract by a buyer working with a broker. There is no fee for cancelling your listing and no refunds.

What Do I Do When my Home Sells?

The day you close on your home you MUST send us the Sale Information. Since your property is listed on the MLS we must collect certain information about the sale. You will need to fill out and send us the “Sold” form located in the “Listing Changes” section of our website.

What are Property Disclosures?

Under Maine Law you are required to provide buyers with the following disclosures:
(1) Property Disclosure, (2) Lead Paint Disclosure, (3) Arsenic Well and Water Disclosure.
These disclosures are meant to provide potential buyers with additional information about your home and to disclose any known issues and defects. Buyers MUST sign these disclosures. You will find these disclosure forms in the “List Now” and “Sellers Toolbox” section of the webpage.

What do I do with the Disclosures?

We recommend that once all the above forms are completed that you create a “Packet” for buyers and brokers to review. You can choose to leave them at your property for buyers/broker to pick-up while viewing your home or personally hand them to prospective buyers or brokers.

Do you offer Full Brokerage?

Yes we do. If you decide during your listing period that you would like Full Brokerage Services, we can represent you in the transaction and assist you in all aspects of the sale. Your MLS listing fee would not credited or returned. This new agreement would be a Commission Compensation at a percentage to be negotiated. We reserve the right to not accept a Commission based listing.

How do I List?

In order to process your listing you will need to fill out and return a few documents and gather/upload your property information. It usually takes a few hours to complete all the necessary forms and information.

List Now

If you have further questions about this service please contact us!