PAY ½ to NO Real Estate Commission!!

In order to understand how we can help you save money selling your home, you need to first understand the difference between a Listing Broker and a Selling Broker.

A Listing Broker is the broker who LISTS your property on the MLS.
A Selling Broker is the broker who SELLS your property by finding you a BUYER.

Usually, when you hire a Broker, they charge you a commission to List and Sell your Property, let‘s assume 6%.

If your Listing Broker finds a BUYER for you, they keep the FULL 6% commission.

If another broker (Selling Broker) finds a BUYER, your Listing Broker must SPLIT the Commission, usually 50/50.

3% Goes to the Listing Broker and 3% Goes to the Selling Broker.


  • We LIST your property on the MLS for a FLAT FEE! You eliminate the Listing Broker Commission!
  • You ONLY pay a Selling Broker commission if they find you a BUYER!
  • If you find your OWN BUYER, you pay NO COMMISSION!

Click HERE to see an Example of SAVINGS!

How is this different than Listing with a typical Broker?

We only provide you with the most powerful tool to sell your home: A MLS listing! We do not represent you or assist you in the sale of your property. You essentially serve as your own Listing Broker by pricing your property, setting up showings, negotiating offers, and answering questions about your home. Who knows more about your property than YOU!

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